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Secondly, the launching of the process to the creation of the BBML ToU was undertaken by PSMNR with the drafting of a technical note since 2014 and submitting it to MINFOF.  However, analysis of the draft technical note shows some inconsistencies as mentioned below;

  • According to this draft technical note, the TOU covers three  divisions,  namely  the Manyu,  Kupe-Manenguba  and  Lebialem  Divisions,  with  a  surface  area  of  513,000 hectares. Protected areas within the proposed TOU include: Banyang-Mbo Wildlife Sanctuary, Bakossi  National  Park,  Mungo River Reserve, Mounts  Kupe  and  Manenguba  Integral Ecological  Reserves,  the  proposed  Mak-Betchu  Wildlife  Sanctuary  and  Tofala  Hills wildlife sanctuary. After analysis of topographic and administrative maps of the area and consultation with stakeholders,
  • Analysis of interactions (partnerships/collaborations and conflicts) among them shows cases of sporadic and informal collaboration, conflictual relationship and formal collaboration/partnership.
  • The draft technical note proposed a rotating mandate for the Conservator of the TOU, which is hardly applicable because in a creation decree, the Conservator has to be clearly and formally designated. The revised governance structure proposes the Divisional Delegate of Kupé Manenguba as Coordinator/Conservator of the TOU (This Division covers approximatively 76% of the TOU surface area). The Conservators of the other PAs are rather members of the TOU Management Committee, which is chaired by the Regional Delegate of Forestry for South-West Region, which covers nearly 90% of the surface area of ​​the TOU.
  • The previous draft technical note was not accompanied by a draft decree for the creation and made no mention of the procedural approach of the preparation of the drafting process.

After analysis of topographic and administrative maps of the area and consultation with stakeholders it appears.

  1. That the protected areas Mount Manenguba and Mount Kupé overlaps the territories of the Moungo Division in the Littoral Region.
  2. That within those previous TOU boundaries, no PA exists in the Manyu Division. This is why the boundaries of the TOU landscape have been revised to consider only the Kupe Manengoumba, Lebialem and Moungo Divisions.

Based on the above, a roadmap for the advancement of the process of creating this TOU has been proposed:

  • Organizing a stakeholder workshop bringing together actors with interests in the creation of the TOU to agree upon the boundaries of the TOU, validate the draft decree for the creation of the TOU
  • Organize sensitization/discussion meetings with key technical and financial partners to attract their investment in the project
  • Organize lobbying mission at the Ministry of forest and wildlife to explain issues related to the TOU to the Minister, submit the updated technical note and draft decree, with support of Director of Wildlife and protected areas,

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