The technical staffs of the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife, Ministry of State Property, Surveys and Land Tenure, Ministry of Mines–Water and Energy, as well as Ministry of livestock Fisheries and Animal Husbandry, the traditional authorities of villages around the Tofala Wildlife Sanctuary and the  Environment and Rural Development Foundation (support organization) held a meeting at Hotel Relais Saint Andre in Mbalmayo Centre Region of Cameroon to validate the Management and Business plans of Tofala Hills Wildlife Sanctuary at national level.

         The participants unanimously validated the plans for the protected area while recommending that the land certificate acquisition process of THWS should be enshrined into the management plan as an important activity including clear demarcation and limits of the Tofala Hills Wildlife Sanctuary; Valorize the fish species which is important in the development of Aquaculture in Cameroon.

         They also agreed that the management plan should be proof-read and all corrections on abbreviations and acronyms inserted as well as ensure regular follow up of livelihood activities put in place while subsidizing agricultural activities to mitigate encroachment. All these should be done before submission to the prime minister for final validation.

        They participants further suggested that investments indicated in the business plan should be rationally distributed to the surrounding villages.

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