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Implementation annual work plan for year I

The objectives of the SUFACHAC are to be achieved through three interrelated landscape level actions centred on;

(1) Conservation of critical wildlife habitats through the creation and strengthening of Protected Areas of high conservation value

(2) Sustainable agricultural practices and promotion of livelihoods of communities and conservation of biodiversity through an Integrated Environmental and Social Management Plan

(3) Knowledge management, monitoring and evaluation.

 Some key activities planned for year one (2017-2018) as per the 03 components of the project were implemented with the support of implementing partners and local consultants. It focused on;

  • Reviewing past and ongoing TOU experiences in Cameroon to guide the establishment of the BBML TOU,\ (Component I)
  • Identification of key beneficiaries and their needs to support the effective management of the BBML (component I)
  • Development of a communication plan to guide the visibility of the project(Component 3)
  • Review of the PSMNR approach to collaborative management and conservation incentives (CMCI) to support the development of guidelines that will clearly link management plans of protected areas and landscapes to the expressed needs of affected communities and other stakeholders (Component 2).

With regards to the establishment and effectively managed Bakossi Banyang Mbo Lebialem (BBML) Technical Operation Unit (TOU), a lot of information has been gathered beginning with the studies to review the past and ongoing experiences in Cameroon and consultation with stakeholders to identify appropriate institutional structure for the BBML TOU. Where study results from the situational analysis reveals the presence of diverse stakeholders having interest in the management of the proposed TOU and classified under primary, secondary and tertiary levels.

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